Nomenclature Iri_del Eau de Parfum


The Scent: Crisp Iris over a leathery woody base.

  • The cucumber-cool, earthy, slightly skin-like facets contrast with bright, clean, line-dried linen effects.
  • New age synthetic aldehyde that is sparse, fierce, and sexy.

Made in New York.

Size: 3.4 oz / 100 ml

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Fragrance Notes

Amber, Floral, Powdery, Woody

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Eau de Parfum

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Nomenclature celebrates design in perfume chemistry by showcasing today’s most inspiring, exclusive molecules—so exclusive that some, known as “captives,” are zealously guarded by fragrance companies.

Through a series of sheer and streamlined compositions, Nomenclature explores their complex facets and their potential for protagonism. Demonstrating that these man-made hybrids of poetry and science have a beauty all their own. The beauty of modernity.

Iri_del is an urban iris with a contemporary twist created by blowing off its aristocratic powdered wig and dressing it up in a slim, sharply-tailored suit. Start by ripping out an Iris field and waiting 6 years for it to yield its fragrance. Then stretch this over an angular structure of crackling woody-ambery notes. Bergamot and ambrette – a vegetal musk with crystalline rose, pear, and iris facets – shed their radiance in this trim, dry blend.

Fragrance Notes

    Top: Iris Aldehyde

    Middle: Wood, Ambrette

    Base: Bergamot, Amber

Made in New York.