Geodesis Tonka Reed Diffuser Refill


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Tonka has a balsamic note with gourmet hints of almond and vanilla, Tonka bean blends the intensity of cedar and sweetness of sandalwood.

  • Provides a continuous long-lasting fragrance.
  • Refill can be used as it is, or used to fill any reed diffuser you have in your home.
  • For best scent diffusion it is recommended that you replace the reed sticks every time you refill your diffuser.

Made in France.

Size: 6.8 oz | 200 ml

Pack of 11 reed sticks sold separately.

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Diffusers & Refills

Fragrance Notes

Sweet, Vanilla, Woody

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Geodesis has over 20 years of home fragrance making experience, which enables them to offer home fragrance products with unique scents and superb quality. Not only will Geodesis’s beautiful home fragrances create a relaxing aroma in your home, but they bring a little slice of the world with them too. Each scent represents a different scent associated with a particular region of globe.

Natural essences are largely used in creating their fragrances. Geodesis products do not contain any substances of animal origin and no products are tested on animals.

Reed diffusers are an innovative concept for freshening the air in your home with your favorite Geodesis scents. Easy to use, the reed sticks are immersed in a perfumed solution, allowing the fragrance to diffuse gently yet continuously into the air for several weeks.

Fragrance refills are presented in an elegant heavy glass phial. Reed sticks can be inserted directly into the phial or the contents can be poured into a glass diffuser phial of your preference. Fresh reed sticks are recommended for the best scent diffusion

Made in France