Geo. F. Trumper Sandalwood Deodorant Stick


London’s favorite barber since 1875, Geo. F. Trumper offers a luxurious line of shaving products, colognes, and men’s grooming essentials, refined over 125 years to provide that perfect shave. These products are loved around the world by people with high standards. They hold fast to traditions of the past in terms of traditional fragrance, yet they are always adding fragrances to cater to the changing desires of the times.

This deodorant is suitable for even sensitive skin, while still offering optimum deodorizing protection. The Sandalwood Deodorant Stick is more than just a deodorant. Glycerine and vitamin E protect and nourish the skin, while the spicy-woody scent of Sandalwood will leave you feeling refreshed all day long. The opulence of this sacred scent pays homage to the steely, masculine form.

Alcohol, Aluminum, and Triclosan free.

Made in England.

Size: 2.5 oz / 75 ml

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Fragrance Notes

Musk, Powdery, Spicy, Woody

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