Geo. F. Trumper Blue Pomade Hair Wax


A heavy dressing to hold the hair and provide sheen.

  • A superb light blue pomade with a mildly sweet fragrance.
  • Gives hair a matte satin finish.
  • Particularly good for those whose styles require extra hold.

Made in England.

Size: 3.5 oz / 100 ml

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Geo. F. Trumper has been London’s favorite barber since 1875, Geo. F. Trumper offers a luxurious line of shaving products, colognes, and men’s grooming essentials, refined over 125 years to provide that perfect shave. These products are loved around the world by people with high standards. They hold fast to traditions of the past in terms of traditional fragrance, yet they are always adding fragrances to cater to the changing desires of the times. From shave cream, hard soap, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, hair dressing, aftershave, cologne, and deodorant to the famous Trumper skin food, they seem to have thought of it all.

It’s not only its blue color which sets the pomade by Geo F. Trumper apart from others; also its pleasant and mildly sweet scent is something very special. Unlike ordinary hair gels – which often contain a good deal of alcohol – this pomade will not dry out your hair. When applied, it will not only tame frizzy and long hair but also provide a better grip and a shiny, natural gloss. It will also give short hair to a slick, sophisticated look. Provides medium hold with matte satin shine.

Made in England.