Esteban Ambre Scented Bouquet Diffuser Triptyque


An amber scent with a citrus accent and vanilla woody hints.

  • A subtle scent that promises happiness and co-existence in your home.
  • Made with 100% natural fragrance oil.
  • Sticks and perfumes refillable to infinity.
  • Makes a thoughtful gift welcome in any home.

Made in France.

Contains: Triptyque vase, deco filler, ceramic lid, 20 perfume sticks (8.6″ / 22 cm), and scented bouquet refill (8.45 oz / 250 ml).

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Diffusers & Refills

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Amber I Citrus, Woody

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Esteban Ambre Scented Bouquet Diffuser Triptyque…

Scented Bouquet Triptyque comprises vegetal sticks plunged into a scented solution, the scented bouquet perfumes your home for several weeks. The scented bouquet can last for a very long time. Once all the scented solution has been diffused, a choice of 10 perfumes and new sticks can be used to refresh the product.

To warm your hearts and offer the rare, precious fragrance of amber. With splashes of gold, the Ambre scented sticks produce a scent redolent of the Orient: a captivating citrus-amber harmony, with woody vanilla notes that imbue the atmosphere with warmth and gaiety.

Fragrance notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Amber, and Vanilla.

A gift that continues to give! Refill it over and over!

About Esteban…

In the South of France, Esteban has universe that is midway between Mediterranean civilization and Japanese refinement. They have been creating rare olfactory delights for over 30 years. Their collections are imbued with poetry for the bath and the home, and their unique fragrances are a combination of escapism and well-being. Born from the perfume that nourishes our soul, Esteban Fragrances go from common sense to inspiration. That’s why their products are true: authenticity of materials, creative innovation, and fidelity to their tastes and passions.

Made in France.