Sarah Horowitz Perfect Vanilla Eau de Parfum


Mouthwatering. Warm. Safe. Yet ultimate in sensuality.

Vanilla is a scent that, for many, evokes a sense of home and comfort. Due to its popularity in perfumery, our challenge was to create a vanilla fragrance that is unique. This was achieved through the use of such unusual complementary notes as blood orange and tobacco.

Classic Eau de Parfum in a spray bottle.

Fragrance notes: A base note including a rich and textured medley of five different types of vanilla, with hints of patchouli, musk, and subtle tobacco note, this delicious blend is then accentuated by a top note of Israeli blood orange.

Perfect Vanilla is a scent enjoyed by both men and women.

Size: 1.7 oz / 50 ml

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Eau de Parfum

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Amber, Citrus, Vanilla

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