Carthusia Vaire Casa Diffuser Boxed Gift Set


Beautifully presented and ready for gift-giving, this set contains three 100 ml diffusers in some of Carthusia’s most beloved signature scents:

  • Fiori di Capri
  • Mediterraneo
  • Via Camerelle.

Made in Italy.

Size: 3x 3.4 oz / 100 ml

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Diffusers & Refills

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Citrus, Floral, Musk, Woody

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In 1861, once the reconstruction of the Charterhouse was complete, the monks of Capri began to prepare the first perfume essences based on local herbs and spices. Since then, even though much has changed, the fine craft care and rigorous observance of natural methods have remained substantially the same. Carthusia means Charterhouse and Carthusia fragrances are still prepared with the aromas that the island continues to produce.

An innovative way of releasing subtle scents of flowers and citrus into a room; upon inserting the sticks into the phial, the essence rises up them, allowing the fragrance to delicately permeate the air for long-lasting effect.

Set contains these fragrances:

  • Fiori di Capri: Carthusia’s first fragrance. An iconic bouquet of handpicked wild carnations, based on the legendary formula dating back to 1380 when the scent was originally created for a Queen.
  • Mediterraneo: A solar fragrance that blends the classical pristine freshness of lemon leaves with the youthful and sparkling tones of green tea.
  • Via Camerelle: The essence and spirit of the most legendary street in Capri are imbued in this radiant fragrance. Lemon and orange blossoms and sun-ripened bergamot notes are infused with the soft delicacy of jasmine over nuances of warm, woodsy musk.

Made in Italy.