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In 1861, once the reconstruction of the Charterhouse was complete, the monks of Capri began to prepare the first perfume essences based on local herbs and spices. Since then, even though much has changed, the fine craft care and rigorous observance of natural methods have remained substantially the same. Carthusia means Charterhouse and Carthusia fragrances are still prepared with the aromas that the island continues to produce.

The Salone da Barba men’s grooming collection is dedicated to the shaving ritual: soaps to soften and nourish the skin; brushes and razors that combine tradition with advanced materials. Carthusia’s grooming collection combines passion and a respect for traditions in the venerable art of shaving, and is devoted to the man who does not, and will not, have anything less than a perfect shave.

Carthusia’s Salone da Barba Beard Oil is a strong ally in the beard care. Its moisturizing and shining action helps maintain a soft and healthy look for medium to long length beards.

Carthusia Uomo is quintessential Italian: daring, passionate and always a gentleman. This fresh and elegant scent is reminiscent of the open sea, fresh fruit, good Russian leather, and recently spun cashmere. A perfectly gentle fragrance, dedicated to the discrete and appealing gentleman.

Made in Italy.

Size: 1.0 oz / 30 ml

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Fragrance Notes

Leather, Marine, Woody


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