Carthusia Gelsomini di Capri Eau de Parfum


The Scent: A sensual inspiration of delicate jasmine that magically recalls the wonders of a Mediterranean island.

  • Floral musky amber tones.
  • Lovely composition with nice sillage and lasting power.
  • Feminine appeal.

Made in Italy.

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Fragrance Notes

Floral, Fruity, Sweet

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Eau de Parfum


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In 1861, once the reconstruction of the Charterhouse was complete, the monks of Capri began to prepare the first perfume essences based on local herbs and spices. Since then, even though much has changed, the fine craft care and rigorous observance of natural methods have remained substantially the same. Carthusia means Charterhouse and Carthusia fragrances are still prepared with the aromas that the island continues to produce.

Gelsomini di Capri is a fragrance that captures the senses with its delicacy. Giving a sensual taste, typical of an island surrounded by the Mediterranean.  A fragrance whose gentleness will beguile your senses with its sweet and sensual scent, typical of Asian cultures.

Olfactory Pyramid

    Top: Egyptian Jasmine, Carnation Cloves, Egyptian Geranium, Ylang-Ylang of the Comoros Islands

    Middle: Moroccan Orange Tree Blossom, Texas Cedarwood

    Base: Beeswax Absolute, Madagascar Vanilla, Turkish Rose

Made in Italy.