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Rare and exceptional — these are the words best used to describe The Different Company. Every one of TDC’s fragrances are contemporary and unique, each containing ingredients so rare and precious they’re seldom seen in perfumery on any sort of scale. Uncompromising in its dedication to luxurious ingredients (no matter what the cost) and unencumbered by what came before, TDC is already making history as a modern perfumery dedicated to true opulence and luxury of the senses. You’ll find each one of these perfumes to be nothing short of glorious.

A great timeless classic! Jean-Claude Ellena has once more sublimated a raw material, the Bergamot, offering it the divine evocation of the Sicilian sun.

Pure sunlight and happiness, captured for your enjoyment in one pretty bottle! The citrus fruit bergamot smells like a wild, uncultivated orange rind mixed with lemon…something you’d smell on the wind during a summer stroll through the hidden bergamot gardens of southern Italy. The citrus is laced with spicy ginger and elegant orange blossom, bringing to mind thoughts of a warm spring day, while the green woodiness of rhubarb wood and leaf green cools and refreshes. A sophisticated citrus and one of the finest Bergamot perfumes in existence.

Fragrance notes

Top: Bergamot (over 70%), Ginger

Middle: Orange Blossom, Green Notes

Base: Rhubarb, Musk

Made in France.

Size: 3.4 oz / 100 ml

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Additional Information

Fragrance Notes

Citrus, Green, Spice

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Eau de Toilette

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