Not Just Another Oud

Whether you’re a fragrance fanatic or just learning the language, chances are you’ve seen oud repeated as a featured note in the most luxurious perfume collections. Oud is a sweet, woody scent that you’ll love if your dare to make a distinctive flourish with your fragrance. We’ve seen many oud scents become customer favorites, but there’s definite buzz about a new oud scent from Juliette Has a Gun appropriately named, Another Oud.

Juliette Has a Gun is known for a seductive fragrance collection influenced by romanticism. The new oud addition, Another Oud suggests an immersion into the Oriental world, version 2.0. It evokes all the modernity, the exuberance, the grandeur, that you go across when you take a walk in the region. The fragrance is a deep woody composition made around an ultra modern interpretation of the famous ingredient. A mysterious and original fragrance creating a unique and signature trail. Another Oud? Just the opposite!

Main ingredients: Bergamot Raspberry, Oud Wood, Norlimbanol, Musks, Ambroxan

So What is Oud?

Perfumers from New York to Paris are going wild about oud, a protected species that’s a combination of a tree and fungus. “The tree gets infected and develops a scent, which is unique in the perfume palette” explains famed perfumer Maison Francis Kurkjian to Marie Claire. “It’s an entirely new olfactory family”. He explains that while oud-based fragrances have been traditionally tailored to the middle eastern market, there’s a new breed that are more westerinzed with a sense of comfort and sexiness. It’s very appealing for those who enjoy warm, woody scents.

Oud Scents to Try

Popular oud fragrance brands sold in the U.S. include Amouage, Juliette Has a Gun, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Montale, and Xerjoff. At Four Seasons Products, client favorites include the delicious scents of M.Micallef Royal Rose Aoud and Juliette has A Gun Midnight Oud. We’re sure Another Oud will quickly jump on the favorite list in 2016.

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