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Santuario Di Bellezza Venezia Candle (Modern)

Santuario Di Bellezza Venezia Candle (Modern)

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Venezia (Ruby Red) – Like Venezia the city, this fragrance is opulent and undeniably romantic.  This fragrance starts with a lovely blend of Princess of Prussia violet, Minneola tangelos and herbaceous green strawberry leaves.  The heart consists of pink jasmine, tart red cherries, vanilla bourbon and warm caramel. The drydown is a sensual combination of patchouli, crystalline musk and powdery white datura. Venezia is a surprising fragrance where each layer of scent reveals different qualities of classicism and romanticism yet the green notes adds modernity and freshness that can be quite unexpected. 

The Candles
Presented in double blown 24% lead crystal, all of Santuario Di Bellezza candles are made from 100% pure palm oil wax. Palm oil burns longer, cleaner and has a beautiful crystallizing quality. Each fragrance is highly complex and sophisticated. The candles are topped off with handmade, hand polished solid brass lids featuring the Santuario Di Bellezza logo.



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